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Spring 2019


Jeremy Osborne       Chair / Curriculum Chair

LA  Governor

Janette Crosby       Vice Chair / Finance Chair

Parent Governors        

Tim Rigby  –  Finance Vice / Safeguarding / Health and Safety 

Glenn Paterson – Publicity / Pupil Premium / Early Years 

Staff Governors                        

Susan Whitlock    –   Head Teacher

Christine Goodall    –   Class Teacher

Co-opted  Governors  

Ossie Osborne  –  Chair                         

Clint Sherratt   –  Literacy

Rachel Waters  –  ICT

Cress Cooper

Clerk to Governors
Dawn Rogers


Committee/Working Party


Finance and School Environment Committee Susan WhitlockCress Cooper

Janette Crosby (CHAIR)

Tim Rigby (Vice Chair)

Jeremy Osborne

Curriculum, staffing and Resources Working Party Jeremy Osborne (CHAIR)

Susan Whitlock

Christine Goodall

Rachel Waters

Clint Sherratt

Glenn Paterson

Pay Committee Jeremy Osborne

Janette Crosby

Staff Dismissal Committee Jeremy Osborne

Tim Rigby

Dismissal Appeal Committee Janette Crosby

Clint Sherratt

Pupil Discipline Committee Jeremy Osborne
Complaints Committee Janette Crosby

Jeremy Osborne

Summary of Business Interests

Instrument of Governance 02.07.14


Downlands School
College Rd
Blandford Camp
Dorset DT11 8BG

Tel: 01258 453348

Dandelions: 01258 489914


Mrs Susan Whitlock

Deputy Headteacher
Mr Daniel Morales