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Gold Book Assembly – 14th September 2018

Dandilion stars of the week are Jaxon,Marshall,Emily-Rose and Toby

Receptions Horsechesnut is Lyla and in Sweetchesnut it is Daisy. Cedar class now and star of the week is Shane and Willows is Ethan. Oak class is Josie. Elms star of the week is Isabelle, Beech’s stars of the week are Finlay and Sophia while in Sycamore is Tia but with a sad goodbye to Brianna. Fir has the entire class as their star of the week and a two special caught being kind certificate to Anjus and William. Thank you to all of the TA’s for helping so much in Downlands. This week there are no gold awards.

Our first Gold Book Assembly of the new school year.

It was lovely to welcome so many new children to Downlands School. We hope you will have a very happy time with us. Thank you to all the Buddies for the valuable job you have done in helping them settle. Also a big welcome to Mr Morales, Miss Whitlock and Mrs Briggs Davis, our new teachers.

Each and every class has made a fabulous start to the school year and all the staff have been very impressed with the quality of behaviour and learning that we have already seen. Well done to everyone.

Happy Birthday to all those who are celebrating this week. Have a lovely day everyone and a happy weekend.


Gold Book Assembly

Mrs Whitlock opens gold book, by the gold book song. Firstly, thank you to sports day helpers. Sophia in Oak for hard work. Jemma in fir for behaving well.Dia and Sarah for working hard. Well done to rounders children. Titus well done for correct choices and super sentences. Owen in beech for super work. Lisa is writing very well. Isla and Amelia for great attitude. Zoey and Sophie for super attitude. Jimmy for great listening. Summer for super singing. Charlotte has got lots of Brownie badges. Taylor has worked hard for players player. Fraya passed band six. Jacob has recived a kind award. Well done to children who got gold awards.The birthdays 5,5 and 6 happy birthday.Then finally Mrs House’s baby girl Edith Izebelle. Well done everyone!

gold book assembley

ceder class nelo and catlin star of the week.

willow class caitlin crease star of the week.

tilly for exelent questons during the shool trip

oak star is joe for exelant english

sycamore adam star of the week for the qwad kids

lime solemen for out standing work and a can do attachood

anny is in the gold. book today because she remebered her finger spaces

elm emma for an amazing photo

kiron he has been using his puntuashon and can do attachod to do his work

tilly bigs for being a permedeator

holly for a random act of cindnes

gideon for a random act of kindnes

nathon angus and neron at lunch times they let some one els take the last burger

yian moucher got a merit in music

alexia moucher got a merit in music

eden went up a swimming grupe

mayla par levle 4 in swimming

william go a 2 gold and 1 silver medles in tikwando

gold awards









kassy lee











mis hitchins is sadly leaving

4 birthdays



Gold book assembly

We start assembly with the Gold book song. First up is Willow class star of the week is Jack with his excellent hard work. In Elm is Evie fantastic writing in Non-fiction.Next is Anushca in Fir with mini beasts.Oak Ashley with amazing listening and sensible.Sycomore is Connor with very clear vision in his WW1 animals.Sweet chestnut Lily with best work in independant writing.Cedar Libby working hard with trying to get her homework in on time.Beech Briana with extra hard work in other curiculum activitys with piano.Sad good bye to Sofia wich is moving to Stafford.Horse chestnut George with a can do attitude.Lime class Eloise and Ryan with there art work with the war horse.Charlotte Can another swimming certificate now in level 4. Tia gymnastics compitition 1st place.Awards secret Ryan super mannors.Edon offer to help clean up to miss her play time. Chloe for kindly showing showing a visitor to the staff room.Gold awards Alex,Olivia,Sohill,Joshua,Evie,Joe,Lucas,Eloise,Uyang,Arthur,Olivia,Ruby,Isabelle,Grace,Abegail,Kryan,Riley,Lexi,Annabelle,Archie,Dash,Ethan,Kiran,Tom,Max,

James and Broden.Finally birhdays Arthur and James.Well done everyone.


Downlands School
College Rd
Blandford Camp
Dorset DT11 8BG

Tel: 01258 453348

Dandelions: 01258 489914


Mrs Susan Whitlock

Deputy Headteacher
Mr Daniel Morales