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Welcome to Gold Book we start the assembily with the gold Book song goerge was the first star of the week well done to Ellie May who was a amazing singer next is Freya well done her written work was writing and correcting errors well done! Oakley you have done amazing at being sensible and greeting everyday with a smile on his face he has done very we’ll with his work and were very proud in Lime Class is Millie and elauise they have both impressed and have done amazing in the light topic with refraction and how it works well done in sycamore is Emma for a unending infusiasim in her learning and has made sure we all stay neat and tidy phoebe is a star of the week in willow class very Well done another star of the week is Abygail we are very proud of her she made her amazing pizza and did everything herself well done abygail we move onto a lot and a lot of goldawords we say a big big biggg well done to all the children we are very proud of all the kids who have achieved a Gold Award well done we then go onto birthdays we sing happy birthday to the children and even a teacher happy birthday Mrs Goodall and all the children well done happy birthday everybody we end our assembily there and a very well done everybody

Banana and Raspbery Muffins on the menu at Cookery Club today!

Gold Book Assembly

The last Gold Book of half term at the end of a fabulous Art and Citizenship week. Well done to all the classes! Kara was great at innovating an African story which we all heard and enjoyed. Tommy is in the Book for his immense enthusiasm and knowledge about the unusual red sun that occurred at the beginning of the week. Well done to Callum for his enthusiasm for his art work this week. Flynn has also impressed his teacher with his fabulous work this week. Poppy has come to school with a huge smile everyday this week. Sadly, we have to say goodbye to Syion,  Sayana and Saban today and we thank you for all you’ve done for the school and will miss you very much. Annie has been working really hard at her phonics and all her learning in class this week! Freya has been a great Thinkasaurus this week working brilliantly in maths and English. Congratulations to Cruz who has just been signed by Yeovil 11’s football team! The results of the Bonfire Poster Competition were announced - congratulations for all those who won, their posters will be displayed around camp very soon! Congratulations to the Gold Award achievers and Happy Birthday to those who have or will be celebrating!

Concluding our Jigsaw theme of Being Me in My World.

We heard Receptions Class song that they sing every day about how to be kind and helpful as they learn. Key Stage 1 classes talked about the class Worry Monsters that they tell their worries to and what others things they might do if they are worried such as tell someone they trust ( including the dog) . They also thought about their Learning Charter; the Rights and Responsibilities that each of us has and the consequences that are in place if they are not kept. Year 3/4 shared their thoughts about having a fixed mindset and how much better it is if you can develop a growth mindset. They had created Growth Mindset Superheroes! Year 5/6 had also discussed and put together Learning Charters which considered the rewards and consequence that go along side the Rights and Responsibilities needed for an effective Charter.

Gold Book Assembly 13th October 2017


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