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Science Week in Year 5/6.

This year’s Science Week of Exploration and Discovery began in Year 5/6 with the first part of a rotation of activities Poo from the Past; Brilliant Birds and Confusing Cans.  Now the whole school have joined together for a Science Show with Emma from The Royal Institute of Science.

Let’s start with an amazing well done to Olivia who has just learnt a new piece on the piano. Well done to the football team and won 10 to 1. Also good job to the netball team and lost 1 then won 2 they are going to the county league. Good job to Jacob from Fir and to the class for their assembly. Well done to zizi from elm. Beech Class well done to Aden and Nathan. Good job to Delilah May from oak. Well done to Holly from sycamore. Good job to William from lime Class. Good job to Lexi from willow class. Good job to gorge from horse-Chestnut. Well done to Callum. Well done to lily from cedar your a star. Gold awards: misha, zizi, Logan,Seth,Riley,joe,Kaitlin,Amy,Lucy,Siena,jack,Joanna ,Ruby,jb,Owen,Rory,Layla Riley k,fraya,Tommy,Elizabeth,grace,Kendall Millie,josie,adarsha,Lexi,cowen. Now we sing Happy Birthday to Kaitlyn ,Henry ,Amy ,Kaise,Emily well done children. Written by Lucy and Amelia

Fairtrade Week at Downlands

Each class is learning about a different aspect of Fairtrade this week and we began with a Fairtrade Assembly. We looked for the Fairtrade Logo on different products, like teabags, chocolate, bananas, coffee,  cotton and wine and thought about where they were produced and why we couldn’t grow them in this country.

Gold Book Assembly 23rd February 2018

First we sang the Gold Book song. And now we’re anouncing the pupils in the gold book today which is  James for good work, the netball team, Lucas, Lia, on beach class is Calin, Catlin, Lucy, Freddie for winning 13 medals, Lisa, Boaden, Solomon, Charlie,William and Rory for being kind in the dinner hall, Tilly, Emily for getting her purple belt, Ryan. Gold awards are Isabella, Rowin Abigail,Sarah,zakery,samurai,Joshua lia Naivalu,Freya,Ruby,Adea,ilijeri , Isabel, Freddie, Jacob, Emily, Isla, Sofia, rece, Jimmie, Olivia, Evie, christifa. Now the birthdays. Happy Birthday to all the children.

Gold Book Assembly

9th February 2018. Music coming in, ‘You can get it if you really want’ by Jimmy Cliff. First we sang the Gold Book song and then said a sad good bye to Corey and his little brother. They gave out flowers and a China apple as a thankf you to school. Sycamore,willow and lime are so proud of there practice sats tests all of them are stars of the week, Fir class Neacher was star for hard working,elm class- congratulations for their lovely asssembly about toys Isabelle,Adaia star of the week in Beech. A very sad good bye to all three Slaters sad goodbye very nice and cheeky but sad goodbye. In Cedar well done to Logan. Thomas had a certificate for his swimming and William raised 89 pound for his team of four. Gold Awards Lily,Shane,Riley,James,Corea,Daniel,Julia,Arther,Tommy,Maisy, Anne,Gideon,Lillymay,Eadon,Cruz,Haley,Denice,Dash,Zach,Aninywa,caden,Emma,Millie,Henry,Milla, Cheneater,Gemma,Olivia,Rebeca, Happy Birthday to 8 Children Going out Music ‘You can do it if you really want’ by Jimmy Cliff.  

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