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Gold Book Assembly

Congratulations to everyone in this weeks Gold Book.

Lovely way to end the day

Y5/6 enjoyed the warm Spring weather by taking their reading books outside and having a Spelling lesson on the field this afternoon.

The Digital Leaders at the BETT Show

The Downlands Digital leaders set off early this morning to go to the BETT show, but despite the early start, everyone was excited to see the latest and greatest in educational technology.

All of the children enjoyed wandering through the stalls and of course collecting all of the ‘freebies’!

Our first stop was the Night Zoo Keeper’s stand where the children got to meet Paul, its creator. The children talked about how much they enjoyed the challenges before taking a quick picture.

Some of the highlights included the Minecraft for Education area, the AstroPi Challenge, Google, and the many coding areas.

Gold Book Assembly

Mrs Whitlock starts by singing the Gold Book song.

First up in the Gold Book is Callum in Horse Chestnut. He is impressing his teachers with his learning, both in school and at home.

Next is Kara in Beech who amazed us in hockey with her skill helping to win matches.

In Sweet Chestnut it’s Isabella who has been working very hard.

Next is Remon in Oak class who has been doing some amazing maths work.

Star of the week in Cedar is Leah who has shown such a positive attitude to her learning.

But we say a sad goodbye to Neeloh and her brother Bodhan who are going to Wales.

Elm’s star of the week is Zachary for completing some very complicated maths work.

In Sycamore it’s Eloise who has impressed us with her fantastic writing.

In Willow it’s Caitlin for her perseverance and determination in Maths.

Players of the week in football club are Thomas, Alfie, and Aden.

Swimming certificates for Ella achieving her level 1 and Isabelle for level 3 rainbow distance.

Gold awards.

Neeloh, Elouise, Eloise, Charlotte, Caitlin, Norbert, Gracie, Poppy, Alex, Jack, Lisa, Darcy, George, Archie, Poppy, Zachary, Emily, Oscar, Aleynah, Logan, Josh, Zizi, Jason, Harry, Cohen, Gemma, Isabelle, Jessica, Emma, Bethany, Freya and Megan.

And lastly it’s the birthday song!

written by Scarlet, Emily and Gracie

Gold Book

Star of the weeks.

Hose chestnut-Lily-grace.

Sweet chestnut-Riley.





Cedar-Olivia .





Leaving-Olivia and Lucas.

Well-done-french club.

Well-done-football club.


Well-done-Netball team.

Player to the week-Caitlin.(netball)

Y4-music concert.


Gymnastics awards.

Piano and violin awards.

Gold awards.


Written by Chloe


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