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Author Archive

Gold Book Assembly

Mrs Whitlock starts by singing the gold Book song.

First up in the gold Book is Callum In horse chestnut he is impressing his teachers in learning and at home.

Next is Clara in beech she amazed us in hockey skill not did she just participate but she

helped win in matches.

In sweet chestnut its issabell.

Next is renal in oak he has been a super star in his times tables.

Next is lea dirdian in ceader.

But a sad goodbye to nelo she is going to wales.

Also Norden is leaving they are brother and sister.

Elm’s star of the week is Zachery for completing very complicated math super star.

In sycamore is Elouise stock.

In willow it’s Caitlin Walsh for perseverance in Maths.

Play of the week in football is Thomas dearden and Alfie cook and adain Carter.

Swimming cirtificuts Ella Campbell for getting her level 1 and Isabelle potter for level 3 rainbow distance.

Gold awards.

Shishang, nelo , Elouise Parker , Elouise stock , sharlot cann, Rebecca , Caitlin Walsh,Norbert,Gracie Jonson,poppy cansfield ,alex denim,jack Allen,Lisa Amosa , Darcy,goerge ,archy ,poppy snake,Zachary ,Emily humpfry,Oscar,Alana,,Logan ,Josh ,Elle , Zizi,

And lastly is the birthday song

written by Scarlet, Emily and Gracie

Gold Book

Star of the weeks.

Hose chestnut-Lily-grace.

Sweet chestnut-Riley.





Cedar-Olivia .





Leaving-Olivia and Lucas.

Well-done-french club.

Well-done-football club.


Well-done-Netball team.

Player to the week-Caitlin.(netball)

Y4-music concert.


Gymnastics awards.

Piano and violin awards.

Gold awards.


Written by Chloe

Gold Book Assembly

Dandelions awards to lorry and sprea,

Cedar star of the week is Ewan,

Sweet chestnut star of the week is biggier,

Willow star of the week is Ryan,

Oak star of the week is Darcy,

Beech star of the week is Shaun, and also a sad goodbye to Soyena,

Fir star of the week is Ethan,

Sycamore star of the week is the whole class,

Elm star of the week is Rowan,

Horse chestnut star of the week is Alex,

Well done to the choir for performing at the Christmas fair,

Well done to the netball team playing against spatspree winning by 10, cayce is the player of the match

Cayce also won a gymnastics award

Caitlin C player of f the month in football

Isabelle past her level five swimming

Gold awards are,Remon Gurung,Adam Blakeley, Solomon Ensor, Alex Denman,Diya Ghale, Melvina,Freiya Johnston, Callum Webb, Cohen Parkhil, Darcry Laverick, Lucy Sherratt, Ethan Mckechnie, Max Hynes, Sohil Gurung, Norbert Tutak, Rene Scanfeild, Charlotte Cann, Oscar Chedword, Logan Pilmer, Archie Joyce, Kian Meade, Maizie Blackburn, Dylan Hollings, Henry Allen, Callum Meade, Adarsha Gurung, Rebecca Bird, Titus Meyengho, Kezia Rodward, Isaac Haggar, Darcy Myers, Vyron Pinnock, Ellis Mcphie, Taylor Cansfield, Thomas Dearden, Tommy Yotukoglu, Jack Allen

Happy birthday to Rose, Millie and Maisie, Josh, Caitlin C.

Recorded by Ella

Anti-bullying Week Assembly

This week at Downlands we are ‘Choosing Respect’ and recognising that we are all unique and special in our own ways. We celebrate each other’s differences and if things are going wrong, we can always speak to someone about it.

Thank you school council for your brilliant presentation.

Remember, if you have any suggestions for school council, you can put them in the suggestions box; school council look forward to hearing from you.

Gold Book Assembly

Tom P was awarded a ‘Random Act of Kindness’ award.

Luke and Amber from Dandelions were awarded Gold Awards.

Ruby is Sweet Chestnut’s Star of the Week. Well done, Ruby!

Zack is Horse Chestnut’s super Star of the Week for his wonderful writing.

Fir welcomes Leoni who has settled in well to Downlands.

Kendall is Fir’s star of the week for being a brilliant role model and making fantastic progress in reading and writing!

Beech has two stars this week: Emily and Sophia! You are both super stars! Beech also welcomes two new pupils: Sukriya and Justin.

Charlotte is Sycamore’s star this week because of her beautiful persuasive writing and her determination and perseverance.

Oak’s star of the week is Olivia who always works hard and has made brilliant progress with her spellings.

In Elm, Mia is the star of the week who has settled in well to Downlands and comes in every day with a smile. She has jumped up two levels in reading, wow! Elm also welcomes Leo, we are happy you are here!

Willow’s star of the week is Joe because he always tries hard and is a kind friend.

Taylor has received an award for his performance and teamwork in Football this week.

Tia was recognised for her bravery and quick thinking when some plastic and tea towels nearly caught fire in Big Cook Little Cook. She prevented a real disaster, well done, Tia!

Cedar’s star of the week this week is Grace due to her close attention to the quality of her work and Cedar are very sad to be saying goodbye to her today. Good luck in your new school, Grace!

Spelling awards were given to Max and Azalea. Well done both!

Awards and achievements from activities outside of school:

Elouise has completed level 1a in Piano and is promoted to level 1b.

Swimming certificates were awarded to Kason and Charlotte.

Cayce was awarded Level 2 in gymnastics and a second place medal at her latest competition.

Gold Awards:

Nuyang, Finlay, Amelia, Megan R, Joseph, Grace, Soyena, Olivia, Avantika, Layla, Sophie, Owen, Alex D, Isabelle R, Megan J, Sophie A, Charlie P, Gracie J, Gideon, Amelie, Sean L, Freya M, George A, Mia W, Cayce B, Ryan, Mendho, Elouise C, Zachary

Happy Birthday to:

Rebecca B, Olivia R, Amelie C, Owen, and Mrs Goodall!


Downlands School
College Rd
Blandford Camp
Dorset DT11 8BG

Tel: 01258 453348


Mrs Susan Whitlock

Deputy Headteacher
Mr Daniel Morales