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Gold Book Assembly

9th February 2018. Music coming in, ‘You can get it if you really want’ by Jimmy Cliff. First we sang the Gold Book song and then said a sad good bye to Corey and his little brother. They gave out flowers and a China apple as a thankf you to school. Sycamore,willow and lime are so proud of there practice sats tests all of them are stars of the week, Fir class Neacher was star for hard working,elm class- congratulations for their lovely asssembly about toys Isabelle,Adaia star of the week in Beech. A very sad good bye to all three Slaters sad goodbye very nice and cheeky but sad goodbye. In Cedar well done to Logan. Thomas had a certificate for his swimming and William raised 89 pound for his team of four. Gold Awards Lily,Shane,Riley,James,Corea,Daniel,Julia,Arther,Tommy,Maisy, Anne,Gideon,Lillymay,Eadon,Cruz,Haley,Denice,Dash,Zach,Aninywa,caden,Emma,Millie,Henry,Milla, Cheneater,Gemma,Olivia,Rebeca, Happy Birthday to 8 Children Going out Music ‘You can do it if you really want’ by Jimmy Cliff.  

Elm’s Assembly about Toys.

Thank you for a super class Assembly today, Elm. You were amazing!

Gardening Club – Winter, Week 3.

The gardeners decided they would like to make bird feeders to help our feathered friends during the winter months. Today we made seed feeders from recycled milk containers, drinks bottles and wooden spoons. They are already hanging in the Jubilee Garden, ready for visitors to land on the wooden spoon, where a hole in the bottle allows the seed to spill out for feeding. Next time, we are making fat-ball type feeders with lard, mealworms and birdseed. Yum!!

Rights Rangers Assembly

Our Rights Rangers show us how to use the playground equipment.

Gold Book Friday 2nd February 2018

Gold Book. We’re starting by singing the Gold Book song. Oka Assembly was amazing,well done oka. Willow Noah for supporting i.c.t.,well done. Well done to the Downlands School singers for winning the BSN. Sycamore, Sasha and korben. Cedar, Ethan well done. Annabelle hard work in her writing . Sweet Chestnut Elizabeth great atatude in Class well done. Lime Neron and William for their amazing water Art well done . Adarsha well done . Matilder for ballet class,Seth man of the match, Elouise swim 5 ,Mesha swim 1 ,Logon band certificate. Well done to all the gold awards. Birthdays. The Downlands School singers will sing their song and also do sign language at the chorus.well done to the girls that won.also well done to Tia and Amelia for their amazing gymnastics.well done Tia and Amelia you were both fantastic. Written by  

Downlands School
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Blandford Camp
Dorset DT11 8BG

School Tel: 01258 453348
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Mr Alan Frame
Mrs Susan Whitlock