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Gold Book Assembly – 26th May 2017

Passion in reading has been noted from Kayden has also been reading brilliantly this week and made some spectacles that might be needed to help with reading. Sweetchestnut children have all been so wonderful this week that Billy Bear couldn't decide who was the very best so he's going to have a rest and a wash at Mrs Magor's house! Freddy Teddy from Horse Chestnut has started his holiday early and is currently sunbathing in Mrs Lovelesses garden! Kylan and Nathan, have been working really well in Year 3/4 which has impressed your teachers greatly. Thank you to all of Year 5/6 for their excellent behaviour and participation in the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra's 'Secrets and Codes' performance on Wednesday - you were great ambassadors for our school. Congratulations to all those who have achieved swimming and  gymnastics awards recently and to all of the hardworking Gold Award achievers.

More Cool Giant’s Glasses!

Jack's glasses were so cool, he just had to wear them to do his school work this morning!!

Y2 Fractions

We are learning about fractions, so we started by finding half of shapes. We noticed that some shapes could be halved in more than one direction and if we folded in half and in half again, our two halves became four quarters.

Giant’s Glasses in Elm!

In English this week, we have been doing a variety of writing based on the fantastic Raymond Briggs story 'Jim and the Beanstalk'. For DT this afternoon, we designed and made our own glasses for the Giant. Look how fabulous our glasses are!!

Gardening Club Week 1 and 2

What a busy couple of sessions! We did some weeding to tidy the raised beds, AGAIN! Then we planted some hanging baskets with Petunias. They are multicoloured like sweets - very pretty! We had planned to put Sweet Peas in the baskets, but they were rathered battered by last week's heavy rain. We will plant them when they have recovered - poor things! Finally we watered our Sunflower seeds - some are just beginning to sprout. Very exciting!

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