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A special visitor….

This week in Reception began with a strange smell...a mackerel! The children were very excited to see a real fish in the classroom. They thoroughly enjoyed investigating how it looked, smelled and felt. Some children were brave enough to pick the fish up and even look inside it's tiny mouth! Some excellent language was used to describe the fish and some fantastic examples of characteristics of learning.

Last week in Reception

We based our whole week on the story of Noah's Ark. We explored the different colours of the rainbow using torches and colour paddles, designed and made boats to use in the water tray and practised counting in twos along with many other activities. In maths, we used our 2 x table to use 2p coins to pay for animals in the pet shop.




The Bog Baby in Reception

What a wonderful week we had based around the story of 'The Bog Baby' which is all about children taking a creature out of the pond and taking it home with them. Unfortunately the Bog Baby begins to get poorly and the children must return him to the pond. Our whole week was based around the story and some wonderful learning took place. We were especially impressed with the standard of writing this week.Well done Reception!

The growing continues!

We have been planting sunflowers, cress, carrots and runner beans! We have also kept a close eye on our broad beans and have been comparing how tall they have got with each other. We even had a go at using the ruler to measure how many cm tall they are as a follow up activity of using cubes to measure footprints last week!

Our week in Reception

This term is all about 'The Great Outdoors'. There will be out Summer Newsletter following very soon! We have begun learning all about planting and growing in Reception. We have been reading stories which involve the life cycle of plants and have followed instructions to plant our own beans. We are excited to watch them grow over the next couple of weeks. We are also planting other seeds such as sunflowers and cress. In our outdoor area we are continuing to build our bug hotel, plant and weed and lots of other exciting outdoor learning! We have been measuring Giant's footprints, sharing beans into pots, story telling different stories and creating our own story maps and lots more. We are excited for a fun filled term!

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Mr Alan Frame
Mrs Susan Whitlock