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Curriculum Statement

Downlands School is unique in that it has children coming and going from the school, with a small number of children staying at the school for their entire primary education.  This presents some real challenges from a curriculum point of view.  When I first started at the school I came across a little girl who informed me that she was going to learn about Florence Nightingale for the third time!  It was this that started Curriculum Reform at the school.


Our Curriculum is made up of three elements.

Element 1 – Skills-based Curriculum.  This means that the skills for each year are repeated, but attached to different content.  This means that although little can be done about duplication full coverage of the curriculum can still be achieved if a child is with us for a year.

Element 2 – Gaps.  This covers things we have discovered that children have missed out on as part of moving around schools.  Swimming is a good example of this.  Schools teach it in varying year groups and a child moving from school to school may well miss out on this experience.  We teach swimming from year 1 all the way through to year 6 minimising the chances of this happening.  Residential visits would be another example of this.

Element 3 – Unique Experiences.  This looks for exciting opportunities to give children. Experiences that they are unlikely to repeat are valuable and make the most of being in the local area before they move.


The children use “Letters and Sounds” as a basis of their phonics work. This is augmented with a wide range of activities. Initial sounds are learnt in a systematic order, before moving onto blends.

As children become more confident in KS1 the “No Nonsense” schemes.

Curriculum Overviews

Click below to see our Curriculum Overviews across the school:


(Rec plan a term ahead as their learning involves the children’s ideas)

CLICK HERE for Yr 1 & 2.

CLICK HERE for Yr 3 & 4.

CLICK HERE for Yr 5 & 6.


Downlands School
College Rd
Blandford Camp
Dorset DT11 8BG

Tel: 01258 453348

Dandelions: 01258 489914


Mrs Susan Whitlock

Deputy Headteacher
Mr Daniel Morales