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KS1 caterpillars

Wow! Our caterpillars have quadrupled in size in just a week.

RSPB Outreach from Arne

Oak Class look for homes for nature in our school grounds.

ARNE RSPB Outreach, KS1 find ‘Homes for Nature’.

Two Officers from the RSPB came in to help us find evidence in our outdoor environment of 'Homes for Nature'. There were 24 different homes to find, ranging from dead wood to mature trees and bat boxes to flowerbeds. At Downlands School we already have 23 of these environments, which we marked with stickers on our school map. The only thing we haven't yet got is a hedgehog house. Amazing Downlands - we welcome wildlife!

Corps Netball Team

Our Netball Club were very excited to have the Corps Netball Team join them yesterday . We were all amazed by their skills and are very grateful to them for sparing the time to enthuse our pupils.

Gold book

Mrs Whitlock firsts shows us a picture  of mrs waikleys new born Henry Peter. then we sang the gold book song.First in the gold book is year 5 and 6’s for going to PGL and behaving very well also the children who stayed behind did very well. Lily-may is in the gold book because she has done amazing reading. Kushell has had a great week moving up in reading and just being fantastic well oak the star of the week is Emma because she is always happy and enthusiastic she also does amazing work. horse chestnut Ethan came back from Nepal and cam back with ositive attitude.beach star of the week is Layla.syar of the week in elm is poppy.c for doing fantastic bates is in cedar and she has been extra keen in work. Avantika got four gold medals for swimming two silvers and one bronze seven medals in total.isla Hagar,Scarlett larkins and Olivia palmer for the rotary writing competition well done you three.Brianna got an achievement for outstanding ballet.yayan helped in the staff awards go to catriona fong,ashma,James bird,George ,lili-may, Ryan ,Ashley denim,josie le-may,Kara,Samuel,Clara wignal,joe loots,liby-may Layla turner,adasha,uhang,Jacob Higgins,Sophia and Eden well done children. Now we’ve got the birthdays ???? happy birthday children.mrs Whitlock closes the assembly with a song.

Downlands School
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Blandford Camp
Dorset DT11 8BG

School Tel: 01258 453348
Dandelions Tel: 01258 450624


Mr Alan Frame
Mrs Susan Whitlock