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Outdoor week starts – Pond Dipping

The first afternoon went very well - a bit of cloud to keep us cooler. We found lots of great pond creatures today: newt poles, water boatmen, pond snails, rams horn snails, small beetles and many tiny creatures to small to identify.

Environmental Week (Monday) – Gardening

We began this afternoon by transporting soil to the new veg beds and tyres down by the pond, litter-picking on our way. We also cut back overgrown bushes in the garden, collected leaves, put twigs in the bug hotel and took 'rubbings' of as many different textures as we could find.

KS2 Bird Display

KS2 learned about different types of owls from all over the world. We saw a Snowy Owl called Khione, a South American Chaco called Indi, a Greyish Eagle Owl called Gandalf and an Indian Scops called Odin (who was a teeny-tiny little guy). We also saw some Pigeon babies which are called squabs, some baby Swallows , a Jay and a Rook who had just learned to hop. The children enjoyed seeing the birds up close and even got to stroke the smaller owls.

Book Fair

Paired Reading

Oak and Lime enjoy paired reading outside today.

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