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School Aims, Values and Ethos

These aims are the long term vision of the Governors and Staff for our school.

The long term plan for our school is set out in the five areas that we feel are important to consider, when creating conditions for optimal learning – the ethos, the community, the premises and environment, the leadership and the curriculum.


We believe our school is a happy, caring and safe place, where our pupils and our staff can achieve their full potential.  All members of the school community show respect and understanding for each other while celebrating diversity.  We ensure that children are offered challenging tasks within a climate where risk-taking is encouraged.  We foster pride in individuals, our school environment and its wealth of resources.


We are proud to have achieved the UNICEF Level 2 Rights Respecting School Award. We ensure our school plays an active part of the communities we belong to and make the communities we belong to play an active role in school. We work in partnership with other services on camp to provide the best service possible to the community eg. SSAFA, Army Welfare. We are an active member of The Blandford Schools’ Network and have many links with communities in the town of Blandford. We want to provide an education that embraces and celebrates multicultural life inside a military community.


Our school environment is inclusive, visually stimulating and safe and secure for all members of the school community.  We create a stimulating and happy environment where achievement, mutual respect and self-esteem are valued.  We ensure that both our indoor and outdoor learning maximises motivation, independence, enjoyment and challenge.


Our school has high quality learning and teaching and positive leadership. We encourage, listen and consider ideas embracing constructive criticism.  We value all who work within the school and the wider community.  We invest in the development of staff.  We are forward thinking in our approach and maintain a positive team spirit; encouraging empowerment.


Our children learn and achieve high standards through a broad and balanced curriculum. It offers unique experiences inspired by events.  It offers motivation and challenges and is delivered in creative ways and take account of the context of the school. We want our children to develop a thirst for learning and to encourage them to become independent in their learning.


When I came here in year 2 everyone made me feel happy.  I felt respected and the children and teachers looked after me.  The school clubs have inspired me.  I never thought I would like netball, but I do and I am very good at it. I am also a Digital Leader and I have helped other children in the school with technology.  I also represented the school at the BETT Show – It was AMAZING! We presented holograms to an audience of children and adults.  This was in London and we travelled by train.  The White Helmets Motorcycle Display Team come to the Summer Fair and this is very special.  Mr Frame and Mrs Whitlock get to ride on the bikes!!



The standard of learning and respect in the school is good and I have enjoyed learning in Downlands.  I like the school trip to Paulson’s Park where we got to go on the rides and learnt about Space and Physics.  We also went to the British Museum and when we visited the Houses of Parliament.



It’s really fun to learn and the technology helps as well.



The iPads are really cool and we are a techno school!



When I arrived I was scared, but was soon OK.  The school has helped me build up my confidence while I have been here.  The residential trips are great.  I went to Leeson House in year 3 and 4 and this is the first time I had stayed away from home.  This year I am off to the Isle of Wight, I can’t wait.  I like helping my mum when she brings bouncy castles to the Summer Fair.  We ave had opportunities to play lots of instruments.  I have played the recorder, guitar, piano and trumpet.



I like the Rugby, it’s a great sport. I enjoy the iPads in school especially the Explain Everything App.




Downlands School
College Rd
Blandford Camp
Dorset DT11 8BG

Tel: 01258 453348

Dandelions: 01258 489914


Mrs Susan Whitlock

Deputy Headteacher
Mr Daniel Morales