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School Council

A warm welcome to the School Council of 2018-2019
























Today we met as the new School Council. After a quick hello we got straight down to business. We have been given the task of thinking up ‘quality behaviours’. These are the behaviours that show us off at our best! They are the behaviours that help us learn, be a good member of the school and grow in our experiences of Downlands. We set about thinking of these and then allocated them to the classes including Dandelions.






































Today we have voted for our chair and vice chair. The 5/6s were amazing and I can not express the quality of their ideas. They were exceptionally confident, articulate and thoughtful. I am beyond impressed with their attitudes and effort.  William – heartfelt personal experiences, more charity events, more natures events.

Freddie – shared his qualities, he has been here from Little Jimmy’s, has ideas of having more clubs voted for by school council with support from classes such as film club with popcorn, running club, den building, stone painting.

Tia – made a fantastic powerpoint sharing her qualities and her ideas. These including fundraising for KS1 goals and why these are needed. She went on to explain how everyone can benefit from sports equipment. She was confident and concise in her speech. A superb powerpoint.


The candidates were incredible. Each of the three would have made a superb Chair but there could only to one so the School Council voted. The results were that William is Chair and both Tia and Freddie are Vice-Chair. Congratulations to you all, you are just fantastic. Well done.











Spring Term 2017-2018

Today we met and welcomed our new members. We discussed the things we would like to do this term. We have suggested fundraising for our link school in Nepal with a cake sale and non-school uniform day, also we have suggested holding a ‘inside-out day’, running the quiet area, finalising plans for the disco in the summer term and the year 5/6 to complete their peer mediation training with the Rights Rangers.

Also this week, the year 5/6 School Council members met with Mr Frame to start their peer mediation training. We discussed when this could be use – to solve a problem between two people, not a group of people (you would need to get an adult then). It is about getting the children to really listen to each other.

If both children want the peer mediator to help them sort their problem then the peer mediators can proceed. If one person says no they need to get an adult. The process is about asking them how the other person feels. The peer mediator repeats back what they say to show they are listening and understanding.

The peer mediators have a script, with set questions and hope to work through to a resolution. They do not use peer mediation if there is swearing or if anyone has been rough.

The School Council and Rights Rangers will now work together to solve any issues. We will have an assembly to show the school how peer mediating works. Mr Frame and Mrs Whitlock are also available if the peer mediators would like support whilst peer mediating.

We have had lots of suggestions for ideas from other children such as having vouchers for good playground behaviour such as a colouring pack with pencils, crowns, step by step origami. The children can earn these packs by following our school rules and showing superb behaviour. This will encourage good behaviour and inspire children to think about budgeting. We will take this idea to the teachers in their meeting and see if they like this idea. It has been suggested we laminate the tokens to keep them clean.


Noah continues to create his friend-a-bot. Once this is finalised, we can show Mr Frame and see if we use it to help with our playground buddies role.


Autumn Term 2017-2018

Today we voted for our Chair and Vice-chair. The candidates explained what they wanted to add to our school council. Noah suggested he would take visitors around, make sure the ideas get taken to the headteachers and be a good ambassador for the school. Freddie stated he would show good manners and be a role model for the pupils. The final candidate Yalan said he would make new school rules, teach people to play with toys nicely and would aim to stop fights.

Our school council voted and we had a tie between two candidates. So we had to pick a name from a hat. Yalan was picked first so he became chair and Noah is vice chair.

As part of our role as school council we listen to our peers in school. Several really good suggestions have been put forward for fundraisers/ ideas to benefit the school. Poppy and pals are very keen to run a cake sale and book stall to fundraise for Cancer Research and Guide Dogs for the Blind Association. Mr Frame has agreed to this.

Mr Frame had also agreed to Summer’s suggestion for us to record a song. He suggested we do it with in our school as we have all the equipment we would need. We agreed it needed to be a valuable song and as we have anti-bullying week coming up we felt this would provide a great resource and motivational tool.

We brought up how best to keep the quiet area tidy. It was suggested we get a clock to show us when to pack up and so we have plenty of time to keep things nice. We will then be ready to get the board game etc back out.

Next week we will sort the rota for the quiet area.

We will also ask Mrs Magor if the choir might like to sing at the cake sale/book sale.



Our members…

Oak – Ffion and James,

Elm – Aimee and Lia,

Fir – Tilly and Jessica,

Lime – Yalan and Isla,

Cedar – Ethan and Sarah,

Beech – Lily and Zack,

Sycamore – Freddie and Summer,

Willow – Isabella and Noah.

We thank them for their commitment to making School Council successful. Our aims this year are to lead the quiet area and ensure it is tidy ready for the next session, hold our famous cake sales, raise money for charities and help the lunchtime supervisors in the hall. We are also proposing several new ideas such as litter picking, a big fundraising day, a bring a pet to school day, bringing toys in to school as a fun/ learning day, holding a school disco and recording a song in the Blandford school. We look forward to proposing these to the headteachers!






We welcome our new members for the Spring Term to our existing team. Thank for all those who have volunteered. Ideas for the new term from our members include holding a school disco, cake sales, charity day with a speaker, having new equipment for the playground including a sandpit, having a recording room for songs and starting a cycling club. We can see how inspired our new council is! We will investigate which of these great are possible this term.

The Chair and Vice Chair have also met with the Governors at their meeting. We discussed our plans for this new but rather short term. They particularly liked the idea of a school disco!

Coming up next: peer mediation, teacher interviewee interviews, unveiling the friendship bench at the playground buddy bench assembly, holding a learning walk showing the Governors our Rights Respecting, School Council work and Global Citizenship through our Art Week.


Some of the older School Council members have been helping paint the friendship bench with Mr Green and Mr Waters. They have done a magnificent job. Thank you so much to the adults for giving up your time to help us create a bench that will stand out and be somewhere where those needing a friend can go.


For Red Nose Day we hosted a magnificent talent show, what talent Downlands has! From beautiful singing voices, to magicians, to dancers, to comedy stretches, we had them all! We sold red noses at school, thank you to Mrs Emerson for arranging and managing this. We also held another ever popular cake sale. Thank you to all those who donated cakes and those who bought them! We also wore red to school for a donation. From the whole efforts of the school we raised a whooping £461!

We have also had a very important job of interviewing the candidates for the teaching position. We enjoyed thinking up the questions and asking them. We had lots of fun with the lovely teachers.

The quiet area is in full swing now. We have had some lovely games thanks to the parents and the generous budget from school. We have had a great attendance in the Quiet Area so far. The School Council ran the games and helped pack up brilliantly. Well done to all the children who were super sensible whilst playing and also helped pack up. It is important we keep the area clean, tidy and look after the games so we can enjoy them for many months and longer.






This month we have hosted a cake stall to raise money for Ghana. The Chair and Vice-Chair have meet with the Governors to discuss what we have been up to.

The plans for the quiet area are taking shape. We made posters to ask for donations for toys. These have been put up around school and also sent out to all parents with our school newsletter. The poster is bright green (choose to be like our playground buddy hats) and has a caption, bullet points requesting the items we need and a minion thank you! We hope to get the toys next week and then sort and play with them (so we teach others how to play with them!).



This month we have been busy getting the quiet area ready for use. We have sorted the old toys and have bought new ones. We have more ideas to enhance this area, these are in discussion at the moment. We have made new lots of new signs for the boxes were the resources will be stored. We have practised how to play these games so we are ready to lead the area.

Next we are following the timetable to run the area. We will review this as the weeks go on.

We have also meet to discuss fundraising ideas for the Ghana Appeal. Where we hope to contribute to the fundraising for the library they would like to build there. We plan to hold a non-uniform day, cake sale and ‘Enjoy sharing a book’ session. The children will be invited to bring their favourite book into school to share with their friends in the afternoon. This, we hope, will encourage the children to think about how lovely a library will be for the people of the town in Ghana.

Also we have had our ‘fundraising idea caps’ on by planning what we would like to do for Red Nose Day. We have suggested we hold a wear red to school day and hold a cake sale (we love a cake sale!). Further ideas include inviting the children to complete a sponsored ‘something’ at home. We will provide the forms and the children will provide the ideas! These will be completed at home and hopefully sponsored by members of their families and friends.  Our final suggestion is to hold a talent show. We have suggested each class puts forward their favourite ‘Stars that Shine’. These would be chosen from their own pre-show rounds held in the individual classes.



During our meeting we planned ideas for the upcoming year. These include getting the friendship bench up and running. We aim to paint the bench and get a new sign. We also will train in peer mediation where we will create an assembly to show how to use the friendship bench.

We also met for a Christmas party this month! It was fun celebrating our achievements with treats and music with our team.



This month we have been busy with our fundraising for Children in Need. We raised a fantastic £439 all together from the kind donations from our friends wearing spots to school. £264 of this was from the School Council’s cake sale.

We have also added to our Anti-bullying display by producing our display. We concentrating on producing an engaging display so all the children could access the words and values. We drew our own superheroes for the Anti-bullying Superhero themed display.



We met to plan our fundraising for Children in Need, ideas include holding a cake stall, a sponsored obstacle course and wear spotty clothing for a £1 donation.

Our chair and vice chair also met with the Governors to share with them what we have been doing this term. They did a fantastic job sharing our achievements to date, what mature and thoughtful children they are.

Also this month we have started planning our Anti-bullying policy by thinking and writing the words to express our school’s values to this issue. We used words the members chose.



Welcome to our new members. They have been elected from a class vote. Our first meeting was to discuss our role as School Council and how we can be ambassadors for the school. We have shared ideas for the upcoming year, with the main focus being on this term. This year the members will stay all year unless they wish to give someone else their membership.







What a week! Today we have had the responsible job of asking the interviewees our questions. They also asked us questions. We behaved brilliantly, showing a mature and sensible attitude to this grown up task. Our findings were valued by the headteachers.

We have also judged the Summer Fair posters. We used the following criteria: colourful, bright and clear, all the details included and pirate themed. The discussions were very detailed and it was a challenge to choose between all the amazing posters. The winners will be announced after half term.

Finally we have helped at the yummy cake stall raising money for EDUC Nepal.



We have been busy preparing questions for the interviewees today to see what make a fantastic teacher.


We continue to look for items for the quiet area box. We have asked teachers if there is any spare items.


How exciting! We have started to advertise the poster competition for the Summer Fair. We have set the criteria for judging and have thought of some lovely prizes.


Two of our School Council members met with the Governors to discuss our role in the school.


We have sorted the quiet area box. We will look out for lots of nice things to go in it.


Today the School Council have been discussing how we can make the quiet area in the playground a calm and special place. Next week we will look through the quiet area box and see what resources we need. We plan to have games, colouring and books. We will also start a rota for our playground buddies to help look after the quiet area.

We also discussed lots of exciting ideas for the coming term. So watch this space!


The School council have a very important job today of counting up the votes for deciding the name for our new classroom! We have had over 100 votes and some fantastic ideas!

Keep tuned for the revealing of the new name!


Today we have been talking about “how to improve behavior at lunchtimes.”

The School council have come up with ideas below:

  • To make sure everyone in the school knows the expectations and rules.
  • To have a ‘top table’ which is nicely decorated with a table cloth, fake flowers and napkins where well behaved children can sit. (This could be a special treat every Friday?)
  • The child’s name can be put into a hat for good behavior and a ticket can be drawn out in Gold Book to win a non-school uniform day for all those children that have a ticket.
  • If any of the expectations have not been met, that child can help sweep up and pick up rubbish off the floor.
  • We have selected two lunch time monitors who are happy to monitor the lunch hall.


The School Council have a new very important role within the school which includes giving out lunch tokens to those that have a special school dinner! This is done every day before the children go up to the hall!


The School Council had a great time helping on the stalls for the Christmas Fair, they gave up their own time after school! There was loads of comments on their professionalism and maturity when talking to people! A good job well done!


Children are going to think of ideas for the new build and put forward our ideas to the Governors.


This weeks School Council we selected people that would like to help out after school at the Christmas fair.


Today’s School Council we talked about Children in Need. We are also going to do an assembly on anti-bullying week to raise awareness. Next week we are going to discuss lunch time in the hall and come up with ideas on how to make it a smoother process.

20/10/2015 What a successful cake sale for SSAFA Big Brew, raising over £450!

Our next topic for conversation is Children In Need. We have decided we liked the Hero theme and have added this to the school calendar.


We are excited to help out with the Big Brew up on Wednesday. The children also got their pictures taken ready for the School Council board in the hall way. We also got allocated our green hats!


Today we carried on with creating out Big Brew posters. We also discussed about coming to next weeks session about events or fundraising activities which we could do.


The School council are really excited to help SSAFA with the Big Brew Cake sale in two weeks time! We have started to create posters using the SSAFA colours to let everyone know about the cake sale.

Wow what a great start to the new term! It is fantastic to see so many children wanting to be part of the School Council and we already have many ideas for the upcoming year!
We had our first meeting today with new members where we introduced ourselves and got to know each other better and shared ideas.

09.06.15- Today we discussed questions that we are going to ask the Mayor of Blandford! We came up with over 15 questions that will give us an insight into life as a Mayor. We are very excited to meet him on Friday and feel lucky to have him visit Downlands School when we know how busy he is!

4.06.15 Today we had the exciting opportunity to talk to Mr Baker (the ATL teachers union president). We showed him around the school so he could get a feel of what it is like to be a part of Downlands School. We then had the opportunity to ask and answer questions. He was very impressed with how polite the children are within the school and said that “the school had a very welcoming and friendly atmosphere”.

8.5.15 We had a very grown up and responsible role this week; to set and ask some important visitors questions. We also reviewed how Peer Mediation is going.

1.5.15 We helped raised £1200 for the earthquake appeal in Nepal! The school held a non-uniform day and we helped run a cake stall after school. Thank you everyone for your generous donations and help.

28.4.15 Today in our School Council we started our Peer Mediation training. We discussed what it means and the 4 steps involved. These include;

Step 1) children involved agree to mediation with a Peer Mediator, the Mediator make introductions and state ground rules – one person speaks at a time, no interruptions.
Step 2) they gather information, ask each person to explain what happened.
Step 3) this is the magic bit – the Mediator asks how the children feel and then asks them how they think the other person feels.
Step 4) look for solution by asking the children. Reach a resolution. If not seek adult intervention.

Our acting skills then came into practise, here we created a pretend scenario where Mitchell was pushed off the trampoline by Joeleen, Mr Frame completed the peer mediation using these four steps. We watched how to completed the four steps focusing on the key sentences and questions to ask.

Next Hayley and Blake acted out a problem, and Ryan completed the peer mediation. Well done for super acting skills and also a huge well done for mature mediation skills.

The School Council used their break times to look for and resolve any problems using the skills they learnt in peer mediation. They brought any problems to an adult who helped them with the four step process. This will lead to our School Council being able to resolve problems when in charge of the Friendship bench and when out in the playground. Look out for us with our green hats in the playground and come and find us if you have a problem.

21.4.15 this week we meet to introduce ourselves and make a plan of action for what we want to achieve in our time in school council. This ranges from fundraisers to peer mediation and other exciting activities.

17.4.15 this week the new School Council members have been chosen. We were announced in assembly, where we stood up and say “Hi” to the school.


13.3.14 today we held our Comic Relief fundraiser – we wore something red for a pound, designed the best nose where we had the chance to win a huge chocolate treat (one for each class) and held a cake sale after school. Well done everyone! We raised a massive £405! Thank you and well done to all!

6.3.14 we made our posters for Comic Relief and displayed them around school.

27.2.14 today we sorted the rota for friendship buddies. We also discussed the cake sale timetable. Please see the board for both of these.

28.1.15 we discussed what we would like to do for our Comic Relief fundraiser. Lots of super ideas!

14.1.15 Welcome to the new School Council members of the spring term. We discussed our responsibilities and thoughts for the School Council this term. Interesting to see many old faces back for a second turn, they say they love being a member of School Council.


Today we celebrated the end of our school council meetings with a party. We had yummy snacks including sweets, biscuits and crisps. We also had a dance competition! We were awarded our certificates in the special assembly today.

Mrs Rumney would like to say a huge thank you for all your effort for this term.

We have been busy reading and signing the anti-bullying policy.

We performed our play to highlight what the Playground buddies role in school is. This introduced our new SEAL topic ‘Getting on and Falling out’. Well done to all the actors!

We have decided what we will be doing for Children in Need. We will be dressing up as superheroes or princesses to support Children in Need’s heroes. We will be doing an obstacle course as part of our day. There will be a cake sale after school.

Met with Governors to discuss our ideas – fundraising and playground buddies.

We discussed our fundraising efforts this year. The children would like to use the money for playground equipment and for our link school in Nepal.

This week we have discussed Friendship Buddies – these will walk around and see if anyone is lonely or needs to be looked after.

1) The Friendship Bench – this was an idea chosen by the school council from the Ideas Book. We will look into buying a new sign.

2) We want to help playground leaders with break times to make them safe and enjoyable for all.


A big welcome to our new school council members. We have lots of exciting things planned.

If you have any contributions to offer the School Council, please see your class representative or write your ideas in the ideas book.


Downlands School
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Tel: 01258 453348

Dandelions: 01258 489914


Mrs Susan Whitlock

Deputy Headteacher
Mr Daniel Morales