Gold book assembly 22nd May.

We were very sad to say goodbye to some of our children today but so pleased that they were excited to be having bunk beds and new homes! We wish all our leavers all the very best in their new postings. We will miss you lots and hope to hear how you are getting on, from you from time to time! Mr Green wanted a special mention to be given to Katherine for all her continuous help clearing up after assembly and her politeness and helpfulness to adults around the school! Our Key Stage 2 Quadkids teams were great ambassadors yesterday and well done for their successes.
We met our new Community Policeman Officer, PC Ian today who reminded us to walk away from strangers who ask you to help them. Remember NO,GO,YELL,TELL if you are approached by a stranger.
Don’t forget to wear a cycle helmet every time you ride your bike and bright reflective clothing will ensure you are seen by other road users!
Well done to all those who have awards from clubs outside of school and to those who have achieved their spelling awards, Gold Awards!
Have a fabulous half term everyone!

Incredible ‘Jigsaw Jo’ in KS1

‘Jigsaw Jo’ felt a little bit down today and lacking in confidence. The children reminded him of all the reasons he is incredible, such as: football skill, being good at reading or being kind hearted.

Summer crafts club

Today we made paper dolls. They involved careful cutting with precision so that they did not fall apart. We enjoyed naming them!



After School Construction


Post for Year 3/4!

Year 3/4 received a parcel this morning which contained a selection of pictures and items. I wonder how they were all connected.



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