Eco Rangers Harvest the potatoes

The Eco Rangers have been lovingly nurturing their potato plants and today we harvested them.



Our final Gold Book Assembly for this school year!

How lovely to hear about all the events that have gone on this week. Some from year 5 and 6 have painted some beautiful poppy pictures on canvas for display by The British Legion. Look out for them during the town’s World War 1 commemorations. KS1 and Reception took part in Farm to Fork at Tescos and had a marvellous time finding out about their food and making doughnuts and gingerbread men, and Outdoor Activities for the whole school.
Congratulations to those who have received certificates for all their achievements in spelling, sports, and overall great learning and outstanding behaviour! Well done everyone!


Environment Activity Days Come To A Close

Comments from the children include…”it was great…we went into some parts of the school grounds we haven’t been in before we also got to do some things even though they were quite dangerous”-Poppy from Beech Class.

Cerys from Beech class said stories in the roundhouse was the best!

Lewie from Pine Class said the best bit was finding the letters and the names of the trees.

Bella in Cedar Class said cooking marshmallows on sticks over a fire was exciting.

Some children finished the afternoon with a story in the Round House with Mr Frame.

Day 3 of Environment Activities

Phew what a scorcher, activities started early!

Day 3 – The Activities Continue

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