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Gold Book

Sweet chestnut and Horse chestnut - The whole of reception. They have made an amazing start to this term and have been brilliant during art week. Fir- ours is Gemma. She is a fabulous member of our class. She is a fabulous tidier. Elm- our super cooper star of the week is poppy for brilliant work in art week. Oak- this week it is Titus who has gone up a reading level. Well done! Sad goodbye to Wilma. Beech- our star of the week is Dash, who has produced some brilliant art but also has been helping Mrs Haggar with her maths. Cedar - Alesha for her focus and great listening. She works so quietly and diligently. Her work is always delivered at the highest standard. Sycamore - Chloe is our star of the week. She has produced some brilliant writing and is a extremely kind and caring person. She is a a very valuable part of sycamore class. Willow- have all been great but Emily, for her brilliant art, and Mendho for her beautiful dancing. Thank you for your card Wilma, Mrs Whitlock is a self confessed glitter girl!!!

Jigsaw assembly

We ended our Jigsaw topic: Being Me in My World by sharing some of our learning. Reception shared they dream jobs, KS1 sang a song and KS2 shared there learning about overcoming difficulties and perseverance.

Thursday – Arts week in Oak

Today we have learnt that the Rhodedendron is the National flower in Nepal. We have made some bright hanging lanterns, drawn around our own feet to make Footprints of Lakshmi (hoping they will bring us wealth and prosperity). We have discussed the things we have learnt this week about Nepal and written some facts. We are also adding some colour, with tissue, to our Himalayas model.

Elm – Arts Week, Nepal.

During Arts Week we are learning all about Nepal. We have made all sorts of lovely things, including: Diwas, lanterns, glitter steps, flower garlands, maps and national flowers.

Exploring Brazil in Reception

This week is Arts Week! We have been exploring the wonderful colours and animals of Rio in Brazil!

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