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Gold Book Assembly

Mrs Whitlock starts by singing the gold Book song.

First up in the gold Book is Callum In horse chestnut he is impressing his teachers in learning and at home.

Next is Clara in beech she amazed us in hockey skill not did she just participate but she

helped win in matches.

In sweet chestnut its issabell.

Next is renal in oak he has been a super star in his times tables.

Next is lea dirdian in ceader.

But a sad goodbye to nelo she is going to wales.

Also Norden is leaving they are brother and sister.

Elm’s star of the week is Zachery for completing very complicated math super star.

In sycamore is Elouise stock.

In willow it’s Caitlin Walsh for perseverance in Maths.

Play of the week in football is Thomas dearden and Alfie cook and adain Carter.

Swimming cirtificuts Ella Campbell for getting her level 1 and Isabelle potter for level 3 rainbow distance.

Gold awards.

Shishang, nelo , Elouise Parker , Elouise stock , sharlot cann, Rebecca , Caitlin Walsh,Norbert,Gracie Jonson,poppy cansfield ,alex denim,jack Allen,Lisa Amosa , Darcy,goerge ,archy ,poppy snake,Zachary ,Emily humpfry,Oscar,Alana,,Logan ,Josh ,Elle , Zizi,

And lastly is the birthday song

written by Scarlet, Emily and Gracie

Coding in Oak

We all started learning to code using

Cookery Club

We have started the Spring Term baking Jam Tarts.

Gardening Club – Spring, Week 1

Today we were environmentalists in Gardening Club. We talked about sowing seeds and then planting the seedlings in their pot in the garden to protect them until they are strong enough to grow well. To avoid damaging the earth in our raised beds, the pots need to be bio-degradeable. Today we made our own pots from cardboard tubes and would-you-believe, newspaper!

Samuel Pepys’ Diary

Today we had a go at writing with a quill and ink.


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Mrs Susan Whitlock

Deputy Headteacher
Mr Daniel Morales