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Cookery club made ANZAC biscuits

image image image

‘The Dreaded red ball’

As part of our Olympic topic the Year 3/4 children have created their own Olympic sport. We have chosen one of the games that has been created and everyone took part to play it in our PE session. What great fun we had! 
We then changed the game to make it more difficult and interesting! One rule was that we had to keep our feet and hands on the floor at all times! 

Y1 Letters and Sounds

 Whilst the Y2’s were at their final swimming lesson, the Y1’s were busy with P.E. Letters and Sounds and fine motor skills. After Half Term, the Y1’s will be enjoying swimming lessons. They have been very keen to have their turn for some time, so the Wednesday after the holiday cannot come quickly enough!


‘Jigsaw’ PSHE in KS1

Completing our ‘Relationships’ topic, we have imagined friendships and fallings out between different types of shoes – welly boots, ballet pumps, football boots and princess heels.
The children worked well with a Learning Partner to imagine the name and age of their shoe, the shoe’s hobbies outside school and which other shoe would be their friend/not their friend and why.
One pair of ballet pumps called Annabell, was a seven year old girl who enjoyed dancing in her spare time. She was friendly with the princess heels, because they were both beautiful and colourful, but fell out with the football boots because they were always wet and dirty!

Family Seal/Jigsaw ….. The story so far….

What fun we have had in our family seal sessions.


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