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Butterflies on their way?!

The KS1 caterpillars have been in chrysalis for a little while now, so we have transferred them to our class butterfly gardens. They should be beautiful butterflies soon and then we can release them.

Gardening Club. Summer, Week 5.

This week we finished preparing the raised beds and scattered some seeds of summer flowering plants, designed to attract bees and butterflies to our Jubilee Garden. Watering them in was fun, using the hosepipe. We also added some more leaf mulch and twigs to the bug hotel.Finally whilst refilling the bird feeders, we discovered something had chewed huge holes in the bottles and in one case, even chewed away half the wooden spoon! We don't think it was a scarily large bird, more likely a cheeky squirrel.

Gold book assembly

We start assembly with the Gold book song. First up is Willow class star of the week is Jack with his excellent hard work. In Elm is Evie fantastic writing in Non-fiction.Next is Anushca in Fir with mini beasts.Oak Ashley with amazing listening and sensible.Sycomore is Connor with very clear vision in his WW1 animals.Sweet chestnut Lily with best work in independant writing.Cedar Libby working hard with trying to get her homework in on time.Beech Briana with extra hard work in other curiculum activitys with piano.Sad good bye to Sofia wich is moving to Stafford.Horse chestnut George with a can do attitude.Lime class Eloise and Ryan with there art work with the war horse.Charlotte Can another swimming certificate now in level 4. Tia gymnastics compitition 1st place.Awards secret Ryan super mannors.Edon offer to help clean up to miss her play time. Chloe for kindly showing showing a visitor to the staff room.Gold awards Alex,Olivia,Sohill,Joshua,Evie,Joe,Lucas,Eloise,Uyang,Arthur,Olivia,Ruby,Isabelle,Grace,Abegail,Kryan,Riley,Lexi,Annabelle,Archie,Dash,Ethan,Kiran,Tom,Max, James and Broden.Finally birhdays Arthur and James.Well done everyone.

Pond Dipping

Lots of snails today. The caddis flies have all turned into the adult form - there were no larvae today. No newts, they must have been hiding. We did find one small dragonfly larva. The weather was beautiful and the water lilies looked lovely.

KS1 Mini beast Information Booklet

Today we began our own Information booklets about mini beasts, by creating a cover. We will also make a contents page, information pages and an index.

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